Self-Guided Tours

Historic Driving Tour
This tour showcases more than 30 beautiful monumental buildings that were developed as early as 1831, creating a scenic course while educating visitors about Huntsville's historic sites.

Self-Guided Historic Driving Tour (PDF)

Downtown Walking Tour
This tour allows you to discover modern downtown Huntsville, its rich historical heritage, cultural development, and ongoing urban beautification. Downtown Huntsville grew as the seat of Walker County welcoming prominent leaders including General Sam Houston, Henderson Yoakum, and Anthony Martin Branch.

Self-Guided Downtown Walking Tour (PDF)

Oakwood Walking Tour
Explore the monuments inside the Oakwood Cemetery, the final resting place for many people of historical prominence, including General Sam Houston. Pleasant Gray, the founder of Huntsville, deeded the land for this cemetery to the City of Huntsville in 1847.

Self-Guided Oakwood Walking Tour (PDF)

The Art Tour

This tour guides visitors through the artistic beauty of Huntsville's monuments, murals and statues. This unique display of Huntsville treasures captures history through various expressive works of art.

Self-Guided Art Tour (PDF)

Prison Driving Tour
This tour reveals a curious aspect of Huntsville that intrigues many visitors. Huntsville is the home of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The Prison Driving Tour features the Texas Prison Museum, area prisons, and the prison cemetery.

Self-Guided Prison Driving Tour (PDF)